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A&M Instruments is excited to announce that our FG Diamond Dental Burs have received a 4.2 rating from Dental Product Shopper and is a Recommended Product. Click here to view the full evaluation.

In addition, A&M Instruments was honored to receive the Dental Advisor 2016 Top Product Award for Multi-Use Diamond Burs. In 2015, we received the Editor's Choice Award and a ++++1/2 rating from Dental Advisor.

At A & M Instruments our focus for almost 40 years has been manufacturing high quality diamond tools. Manufacturing diamond tools and burs for the dental, medical, industrial and do-it-yourself markets is our passion. And our passion translates into diamond tools and burs perfect for your patient or project. Quality, concentricity, durability time after time. We are A & M Instruments.

Industrial Diamond Tools on Sale

A & M Instruments manufactures diamond rotary tools for endless industrial applications including glass and stone, wood, metal, and plastics. We also provide Swiss screw machining services. Basically anyone who uses a diamond rotary tool to do anything from grinding the head off a nail to building cell phones or fabricating aerospace parts. A & M Instruments has the diamond rotary tool for the job.



November 11, 2017

For over 30 years customers around the world have depended on A&M Instruments, Inc. for high precision diamond bits for power tools, rotary tools, drills and routers. Industries served include medical, dental, glass, stone, automotive, wood carving, aerospace, porcelain, ceramics, computer, optical and jewelry to name a few.    A&M's advantage over the competition is clear. Due to all operations, from production of steel blanks, diamond coating, and inspection being managed in house, A&M is able to control product quality from the very first step in fabrication, making them an industry leader. Blanks can be produced months, even years in advance based on forecasted orders leading to 75% faster diamond coating and final inspection for more efficient order fulfillment. A&M...

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Diamond and Carbide: No Need to Choose Just One

November 01, 2017

When it comes to burs, you may have a preference for diamond or carbide, and may exclusively use one or the other.  But you don’t need to choose between them—both have their time and place to produce the results you need. While for some dentists, the choice is based on personal preference, for others, it’s a matter of having always used one or the other and not knowing the potential benefits of incorporating a second type into the practice. A&M Instruments offers hundreds of options of both single-use and multi-use carbide and diamond burs, so you don’t need to compromise in size or shape. FG carbide burs are designed for smooth, efficient cutting and extended life. They power through a...

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A One-Stop-Shop...for Dental Burs

October 18, 2017

When it comes to convenience, even we must admit that a visit to the local discount department store is typically the fastest, most cost effective way to go. Why not go somewhere you can purchase apples, batteries and a pair of shoes all at once? While that discount department store carries a number of generic items I use every day, it won't carry the things I prefer. And, isn't that what it all comes down to in the end? Preference. At dentist offices across America, and abroad, office managers, assistants, and purchasing agents are challenged with finding reliable products for reasonable prices. Unfortunately, not every one stop shop has their dentist's preferred tools. A&M Instruments meets this challenge head on...

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September 12, 2017

For over 30 years our customers around the world have depended on A&M Instruments, Inc. for their high precision diamond bits for power tools, rotary tools, drills and routers.  We have served a multitude of Fortune 500 companies.  A&M Instruments operates from its plant in Alpharetta, Georgia and provides production capabilities and sales worldwide.  A&M commits 100% of its total resources to the production, development and marketing of diamond rotary and cutting tools. Typical industries served include; glass, marble, slate, automotive, wood carving, aerospace, porcelain, ceramics, computer, optical and jewelry, just to name a few. A&M manufactures diamond rotary contour tools including; round end cylinders from 0.062” to 0.500”, balls, balls from 0.032” to 1.000”, round end tapers from 0.062”...

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