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A&M Instruments HP Laboratory Diamond Dental Bur 1.2mm Needle - HP859-012

Item sold individually at $6.95 each.

A&M Instruments Product Code: HP859-012

Old ISO #: Fine HP8859-011; Medium HP859-012

New ISO #: Fine 806 104 166 514 011; Medium 806 104 166 524 012

Head Diameter: 1.2mm

Head Length: 10.0mm

Overall Bur Length: 44.5mm

Shank Diameter: 2.35mm

ISO Max Speed:  75,000 RPM        

This diamond bur is made for straight handpieces.

A&M Instruments' line of over 1,000 multi-use and single-patient-use diamond dental burs and discs, in a large variety of shapes, sizes and grits, is manufactured with the highest concentricity in Swiss machining and crafted with multiple layers of premium quality diamonds providing smooth, efficient cutting and heat reduction; assuring significant savings in operation time. A&M Instruments' strict adherence to ISO and FDA quality control standards and meticulous inspection ensure fast, easy operation with each use. 


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