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A&M Instruments Industrial CBN 0.062" Flat End Cylinder (Mandrel) - CBN4378-0062

Sold individually for $16.25 each. Special Order.

A&M Instruments Product Code: Coarse CBN4378-0062C

Grit: 120 Coarse

Head Diameter (D): 0.062"

Head Length (L): 0.25"

Clearance (C): 1.00"

Overall Bur Length: 2.25"

Shank Diameter (S): 1/8"

For almost 40 years customers around the world have depended on A & M Instruments for high precision Diamond and CBN Cutting Tools, CNC Machining, and Swiss Screw Machining. CBN cutting tools are coated with cubic boron nitride crystals. This is the "carbide" used to manufacture carbide cutting tools. CBN is an excellent abrasive choice to cut, grind, drill, and shape steel or other ferrous metals.

Note: Always wear proper eye protection and gloves when using any cutting or grinding tool. All diamond tools last longer if a lubricant or coolant is used during cutting or grinding. 


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