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A&M Instruments Industrial Diamond 1/2" Twist Drill - 12twistdrill

Sold individually for $25.00 each.

A&M Instruments Product Code: 12twistdrill

Grit: 120 Coarse

Head Diameter: 0.50" or 1/2"

Overall Bur Length: 6.0"

Shank Diameter: 0.50" or 1/2"

Diamond coating extends 0.50" or 1/2" from the tip.

For almost 40 years customers around the world have depended on A & M Instruments for high precision Diamond Cutting Tools, CNC Machining, and Swiss Screw Machining. A & M Instruments manufactures diamond rotary tools for endless industrial applications including glass and stone, wood, metal, and plastics. A & M Instruments Quality Diamond Tools fit rotary power tools such as air tools, drills, rotary tools, and routers including brand names such as Dremel®, Proxxon®, Foredom®, Black and Decker®, Rotozip® and others.

Note: Always wear proper eye protection and gloves when using any cutting or grinding tool. All diamond tools last longer if a lubricant or coolant is used during cutting or grinding. 

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